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Voyant Debuts New Wealth Management Solutions
Jun 2024

Social Security Optimization, Roth Conversion and Advanced Insurance Modeling are the latest additions to Voyant’s core product

June 07, 2024 – Austin, TX – Voyant, a global provider of SaaS-based wealth management, wellness and client digital engagement solutions, today announced the launch of several new wealth management solutions to assist advisors as they help clients make the right choices for their money and financial futures.  

“It is critical for individuals to not only understand their wealth but to also have a firm grasp on the external triggers that alter their broader financial picture,” said David Kaufman, CEO of Voyant. “Our new wealth management solutions are offered alongside the full spectrum of Voyant’s offerings, allowing advisors to see the big picture of their client’s wealth and how certain factors – such as income, assets and financial goals – play into it. By making these tools available on one core product, we are helping advisors seamlessly integrate those considerations into the full context of investor’s finances and make informed decisions that bring their clients closer to financial well-being.”

Voyant’s new wealth management solutions cover an array of needs and scenarios including:

  • Social Security Optimization: Voyant’s Social Security Optimization model helps individuals estimate when the best time is to tap into their Social Security and begin collecting benefits based on a multitude of information, such as retirement age, projected life expectancy and income.
  • Roth Conversion: With Voyant’s new Roth Conversion tool, individuals receive insights that help them decide if and when to convert their Roth IRA. It estimates the amount of potential money one could save on income taxes and the benefits of paying taxes on the converted amount in the moment or in the future.
  • Advanced Insurance Modeling: Voyant’s Advanced Insurance Modeling provides insights into how one’s life insurance impacts their wealth, including the ability to take loans out against one’s life insurance policy.

Voyant’s new wealth management tools are offered as part of the Voyant core solution and do not come at an additional cost to the user. For more information, contact  

About Voyant, Inc.

Based in Austin, Texas, Voyant is a top provider of collaborative financial wellness and wealth management software for financial professionals and their clients. Voyant's solutions allow advisors to deliver a new level of value to their clients, by providing vision, expertise and access. Voyant has operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, and Australia. Voyant is a subsidiary of AssetMark Financial Holdings, Inc.
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