Voyant: Future Proofing Financial Success for High-Net-Worth Clients

The Future Begins Now

With financial success comes complexity, but Voyant cuts through the noise. We offer high-net-worth (HNW) clients a hyper-personalized roadmap to long-term, generational prosperity—detours and all. It's not just about wealth management, financial planning, or investment planning; it's about empowering financial professionals to showcase their value and provide additive transformational support for HNW clients who require different services.

For High-Net-Worth clients, Voyant helps advisors:

Optimize Wealth and Tax Strategies
  • Model diverse scenarios and stress test portfolio allocations over time to simulate possible results and adjust holdings for superior outcomes
  • Assess tax management strategies to determine the most effective steps for tax mitigation
  • View how estate taxes will impact wealth transfer, gifting, portfolio value and more
Navigate Complex Products and Asset Protection
  • Delve into the long-term impacts of concentrated stock risk, alternative investments, and private market holdings
  • Evaluate the threshold of invested assets that a client can afford to lose while still achieving their goals
  • Examine the use of trusts to manage and invest assets throughout your client's lifetime and after death
Plan for Long-term Care and Legacy
  • Conduct goal priority analysis, allowing clients to rank and reassess their goals and plan
  • Evaluate the impact of long-term care insurance costs on the plan at different points in time
  • Review scenarios around family gifting, charitable contributions and philanthropic activities
Voyant’s powerful assessment tools turn challenges into triumphs for both your clients and your business.
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