Voyant Offers a Visual Roadmap to Retirement

Help Clients Plan the Route With Confidence

The traditional idea of retirement no longer exists. While many workers remain employed well past age 65, a recent study showed 40% of retirees were forced to leave the workforce earlier than expected. Both scenarios complicate the retirement planning process. Guiding clients toward — and into — retirement is an increasingly complex endeavor. The Voyant platform’s integrated, flexible and intuitive approach adds more value than ever.

Chart the path and build retirement success

Withdrawal Strategies, Social Security and Cash Flow
  • Analyze clients’ income potential; re-allocate assets to address shortfalls
  • Provide a go-forward, annual detail of assets, investment return, debts, income and expenses, using assumed rates of growth and inflation to illustrate a client’s cash flow in retirement
  • Determine the optimal time to begin taking Social Security payments, utilizing break-even assessments
Longevity Risk and Long-term Care
  • Stress test various scenarios to determine how long assets will last in retirement under different circumstances - from purchasing a second home, to starting a new business or traveling the world. Compare outcomes by inputting different data to generate alternative results.
  • Determine the financial impact of buying long-term care insurance - or neglecting to
  • Have collaborative, not transactional, conversations about difficult subjects and provide an easy-to-digest visual of the future, taking into account multiple scenarios
Design a Plan Clients Can Be Excited About, Not Settle For
  • Compare Roth vs. Traditional IRA and 401(k) contributions from a tax efficiency standpoint
  • Help clients understand the actions they need to take today to maintain their lifestyle in retirement
  • Generate different scenarios to better evaluate “needs” and “wants” in retirement and show clients how they can achieve them
Voyant's integrated platform creates a plan clients can live with, today and tomorrow.
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