Promote Plan Participation.
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Voyant Gets Participants Excited About Their Financial Future

Thanks to Voyant, it’s easier than ever for Retirement Plan advisors to meet the needs of plan participants with diverse circumstances, individual goals and various levels of financial acumen. Voyant’s integrated platform and illustrative capabilities help financial advisors draw participants into the process, providing clarity and confidence, and offering them an active role in clearing the path toward long-term financial wellness.

Deepen your relationships with plan participants and broaden your service

Deliver a Comprehensive, Goals-Based Plan to Each Participant
  • Empower participants to visualize all components driving their financial future — including corporate retirement accounts (pension, 401(k), other securities, properties, and more — to provide a comprehensive view
  • Personalize goals, time frames and impacts using an interactive dashboard that captures milestones and important life events. The platform’s intuitive, drag-and-drop prompts generate different outcomes at various points in time.
  • Illustrate different outcomes of asset allocations, contribution levels and tax savings
Illustrate Progress Toward Goals
  • View performance across all holdings, using a high-level dashboard to drive more productive client meetings
  • Cash flow modeling identifies shortfalls in retirement income projections, allowing you to  deliver solutions to fill the gap
  • Provide real-time investment allocation analysis and align with each participant’s risk tolerance. Manage pensions with planned withdrawals and withdrawal limits.
Meet Participants Where They Are
  • Simplify clients’ financial lives by securely storing and sharing documents in one central location, accessible anytime, from anywhere
  • Leverage Voyant’s integration functionality to provide participants with white label educational materials to improve their financial knowledge
  • Give participants more control over their financial future by moving away from “you must earn a certain return to achieve your goals” to “here’s what you can do to attain success”
Instill Confidence and Encourage Ownership Among Retirement Plan Participants, With Voyant
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