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Voyant Introduces EASE Training for Financial Advisors
Feb 2023

Austin, TEXAS--Voyant, Inc., today announced a new training program with proven retirement planning strategies to help financial advisors grow their business. Powered by Voyant's interactive financial planning platform, the four-step model - called EASE (Envision, Analysis, Solutions, Evaluation) - includes best practices developed by industry experts with a combined 65+ years of planning experience and nearly $2B assets under management.

The goal of EASE is to help advisors learn to create and complete a collaborative financial plan; engage clients with visual "what-if" scenarios and insights; streamline the onboarding process and guide clients through retirement; and develop a scalable, process-driven business strategy. The program leverages Voyant's client-centric financial planning and wealth management software that can be customized to visualize and achieve any goals.

EASE was developed by Briggs Matsko, CFP®, CRPC®; and Jeff R. Maas, CFP®, ChFC®, CRPC®; co-founders of Retirement Security Centers.

"Financial planning can be stressful, especially in today's economy. Clients want to feel heard and understood, and be able to explore a full range of options and lifestyle choices in close collaboration with their advisors," said Matsko. "When we take clients through the EASE process using Voyant, we can convey complex concepts clearly and succinctly, and it resonates with them. It's an invaluable tool for building client trust and loyalty, and providing best-in-class planning capabilities."

The four steps of the EASE training model for advisors include:

  • Envision. Discuss the client's ideal future, understand "core" and "joy" expenses and begin to plan their legacy using Voyant's dynamic timeline with drag and drop events.
  • Analysis. Customize a plan and show the client various "what-if" scenarios pre-populated by Voyant and illustrated in side-by-side comparisons.
  • Solutions. Share advice and make recommendations tailored to the client's unique situation leveraging Voyant's insights and adjustable performance simulation tool.
  • Evaluation. Review the plan and realign annually to accommodate the client's evolving needs, including updating inputs in Voyant that can dynamically adjust for market conditions.

"Our goal is to help advisors build meaningful, lasting relationships - from initial onboarding to ongoing consulting. The EASE process offers a proven, step-by-step model for interacting with clients on a new level using financial plans that are personalized to meet their goals," said David Kaufman, CEO of Voyant.

Voyant serves more than 20,000 advisors across financial institutions and small advisor firms in the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia and the United States. Customers include Bank of Montreal, Lloyds Bank and others.

Advisors can visit Voyant's website to view EASE introductory training videos, sign up for webinars and express interest in attending an in-person training session. To learn more visit: EASE Training

About Voyant, Inc.

Based in Austin, Texas, Voyant is a top provider of collaborative financial wellness and wealth management software for financial professionals and their clients. Voyant's solutions allow advisors to deliver a new level of value to their clients, by providing vision, expertise and access. Voyant is owned by AssetMark Financial Holdings, Inc. whose majority and controlling shareholder is Huatai Securities Co., Ltd., a financial services and securities brokerage firm incorporated in China.
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