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Empowered Advisors, Informed Clients: BMO & Voyant Reimagine Financial Planning



Bank Of Montreal is a leading Canadian investment bank providing a range of financial services. BMO is part of Canada's "Big Five" banks, with over half a trillion CAD$ in AUM and 45,000 employees.

The Challenge

BMO needed a financial planning platform that made it easier for their thousands of advisers to choose and achieve goals for their clients. Not only did they need a solution that met their needs, it needed to be intuitive enough for their advisers to be able to use without a hitch. They needed a combination of robust technology, white labeling and brand specificity, and migration assistance.

The Solution

The utmost importance was placed on enhancing, rather than disrupting the day-to-day work of BMO's advisers. With that in mind, Voyant and BMO worked together to create WealthPath, BMO's financial planning platform.

First, we blended our solutions with BMO's identity and needs to create a custom product. Our design team implemented custom branding assets from typefaces, to icons, to imagery. We also created an inline help system, where administrators can add content. The help system lets BMO's advisers master WealthPath through inline hotspots.

Additionally, Voyant built custom reports for BMO based on their processes, to ensure that their advisers receive the complete plan report information they need, exactly as they need it.

Along with WealthPath, Voyant created a lightweight client-facing application so that BMO's clients could explore their futures without interfering with their core plans.

Lastly, to fit BMO's planning style, Voyant implemented custom controls for testing plans, to ensure their clients were covered in all scenarios.

Next, our engineering team worked to migrate BMO's advisers from their prior software to Voyant's solutions. Voyant wrote a custom adaptor to pull BMO's clients into Voyant's database. Our DevOps team worked diligently to make sure BMO's data remained secure throughout the entire process. Voyant ensured that each solution was AODA compliant and supported both French and English.

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